Legionella plan is not the same as a water management plan

State and accreditation inspectors know the difference, even though it may be slight, they can issue a violation for the mistaken identity


WHO expects Congo's Ebola outbreak to last at least 3-4 months

The outbreak has caused 194 cases and 122 deaths


Rural hospitals step up during hurricane

Two hospitals provided care within damaged facilities


Front-line healthcare workers link violence to growing meth crisis

Violent incidents at the Health Sciences Centre has already doubled the number for all of last year


Exhibit looks at more than 100 years of design and wellness

New show at London’s healthcare-focused gallery, the Wellcome Collection, chronicles the history of the built environment and wellbeing


The contradiction of healthcare facility noise

The activities and systems that are necessary to deliver care and protect patients are the same that produce the noises that disturb patients and obstruct optimal outcomes



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